Hi All Community and Aptos-Team!

My name is Alla. I am a nice and smart lady from Russia.
In previous worked for big international energy & manufacturing projects and had opportunity to hardwork & live in marvelous Vietnam for 2 years.
Currently I am a self-driven and confident node operator, took part in testnets (prev. Aptos, Celestia, GEAR, IDEP, Masa, Massa, Minima, StarkNet, Pontem, etc) & Ambassador programs (Aleo, BeproNetwork, SubSquid, etc), able to create content (text, video, etc), educational materials.

Languages: Russian, English
Telegram: Solnce_actekov
Discord: Solnce_actekov#9859
Twitter: Solnce_actekov

Technical details: I am using 2 types of servers as Dedicate (8/128/2000, 4/64/2000, etc) & VPS (4/8/160, 8/16/240, etc) depends on a project requirements. Locations mostly USA, Singapore, Finland. OS: Linux (Ubuntu 20.04).

It is an honor and great opportunity for me to join AIT2 and Aptos Community!

Sincerely Yours,


You use cool equipment.