[AIT2] snoopfear

Hello friends!


  • In crypto since 2015 and have a lot of experience in running nodes.
  • Took a part in testing the following products: solana, graph, hopr, mina, avax, nym, moonbeam
  • Now running: solana, nym, moonbeam, ironfish, aleo, subspace, sui, starknet, anoma
  • An ardent supporter of decentralization, that’s why I chose hosting to launch a node in Singapore

Vote for me, guys!

TG @snoopfear
TW @snoopfear
DS snoopfear#7031


I know this person as a responsible and experienced validator, as well as a enthusiast who selflessly contributes to cryptoprojects.

Good luck!

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I know him, he is high quality specialist, I will give him my vote

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I have already met snoopfear more than once in active node runners groups, so I’ll give my vote

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:ballot_box_with_check: trust this validator, I used their guides for the networks mentioned above

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Guys, thx for the support, I hope next time will be more lucky