[AIT2] smolnii VOTE for BAT (BlackAmberTeam)

I do not hide the fact that we are a young team and we do not have many projects in our portfolio. But I ask you to look at us and our desire to conquer new heights, the desire to prove to ourselves to be the best. The best for a huge community.

I’m a member of the BlackAmberTeam DAO (BAT) team. We help projects in the early stages-launching nodes, shaping and testing load on test networks, getting the community involved in projects. Our team takes part in many top projects (Acala, Graph, Solana, Moonbeam, Manta, Axelar, Evmos, BitCountry, etc.). We are currently doing research in the field of environment formation and community involvement in cryptoprojects. We need qualified employees who are focused on the results of the whole team and we are honored to interact with you as part of the training. In addition, BAT plans to create a long-term engagement with Cosmos projects, representing the interests of the community and our partners.

Validator Twitter Account* @BlackAmberTeam
Website* https://blamberam.com/
github: Bodety (Bodety) · GitHub

Young people always have potential. The main thing is desire!
Good luck to our team!