[AIT2] sminozhenko validator


My name as Sergei aka lemchey_white aka sminozhenko

  • Brief description, background, experience, and key achievements

Currently i live in Finland, Helsinki. I work in IT already 15 years (development, architecturing, team management).
First time i herad abot blockchain in 2013-2014 and even participated in Bitcoin mining from home PC. But Aptos is my first “real” blockchain project i’m participating in and i see it quite interesting also from learning perspective as well. I’ve already run full node for several month for devnet.

Personally i like Python language and inspired by DevOps mind.

I’m freely speaking in Russian and English. Also, i can communicate in Finnish.

You can contact me via Telegram: @lemchey_white
Also, my GitHub is sminozhenko (Sergei Minozhenko) · GitHub

I’m running validator node on Contabo using docker (love this tool :heart:) on VPS with 4 cores, 8 Gb RAM and SSD. OS is ubuntu 20.04