[AIT2] SkyStone Validator

Hi all!
I have been a blockchain project validator since 2019. Professionally, I started training in 2020, when I bought the equipment and found a places.
I understand the principles and importance of decentralization, so I try to use only my equipment.
The last 4 months have become a real test for me, because in reality, when your city is being bombed and the electricity and the Internet are constantly turned off with your equipment, it has become very difficult to provide a quality service.
BUT I managed to overcome all the difficulties and it became a real experience, which is very difficult to get under normal conditions.

some of the projects I’m involved with:
*NKN network - testnet/mainnet (~350 nodes was my in some moment)
*Witnet - testnet/mainnet (47 nodes in testnet)
*Elrond - testnet
*NYM - mainnet
*XX Network - betanet/mainnet (have over 1.5kk delegated on my node)
*Iron Fish - testnet/?

My equipments for validating:
*servers with i9 11700k and Rysen 3700xt, GPU (2070/3080), 32-64gb
*UPS for uninterrupted operation
*2 Internet channels 500gb/s and 1gb/s + vpn channel WG
*Also, I will install the third backup channel Starlink one of these days.

I am now fully back on track, I am safe and can confidently take on the added responsibility of Aptos and support this amazing project with my time, work and equipment.


hmm, starlink for nodes thats interesting) I think it’s just right for mining, I also plan to purchase it.
however, as the main channel, it is not suitable yet due to large delays and latency. But as a reserve - voplne!
if you make a proof - my vote is for you!


thanks, aware of all the shortcomings, but frequent power outages and instability of providers - made me think about this option.
here are a photo of the kit and now running in test mode:


wow nice! if you really have a starlink - that’s cool!
sky validator :rocket:

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interesting idea, good experience, you deserve to be a validator in Aptos!

impressive experience! I don’t understand why you have so few votes