[AIT2] silent validator

I'm a professional node runner from China, running mainnet validators for StargazeZone, Evmos, ChihuahuaChain, nomicbtc, OmniFlixNetwork. I use best hardware to deploy nodes with several back up servers from different cloud providers.I have set up 7/24 monitor for my nodes. If there is any security incident, I will get alert immediately and deal with the problem according the handbook. I believe I have enough experience to become a qualified node operator.
I have also joined many testnets like forta, Mina, Nym, Aleo, have wrote many Chinese guides about node running. (My guides and contents https://mirror.xyz/exploring.eth)
I'm also a developer, have wrote one cosmos governance alert bot, Glad to try develop some tools for Aptos. 
Thank you for supporting me!

website: https://silentvalidator.com/
twitter: https://twitter.com/EthExploring
contents: https://mirror.xyz/exploring.eth
telegram: @silent_validator