[AIT2] sidr_uptime

i am individual validator Sidr
I live in Georgia
Now I will show you why there will be uptime and I can be trusted with your votes. I will not let down neither the project nor the team, because:
(не подведу команду и ваши голоса)

  1. My hardware

AMD Rayzen EPYC ROME 64-CORE 7702
128 gb Ram
2 Tb Nvme
1 Gb internet speed

  1. My experience in the crypto since 2018. look at the photo - proof.

  1. my experience in nodes

Solana main - Dashboard | Solana Beach

Ironfish -https://testnet.ironfish.network/users/5802
Casper - CSPR Live

Github sidrborisovich (sidrborisovich) · GitHub
Twitter https://twitter.com/sidrborisovich

4.Only hard work 24/7
:muscle: :mechanical_arm:


good proof
My vote for you

Hi i from Georgia too, you live in Tbilisi?

Vote for you - please vote for my validator topic %))