[AIT2] ShvetsNode Validator

My name is Nikita.

I have been in the crypto industry for more than 2 years. Our team is divided into sectors, there are people who are researchers, someone is engaged in iso / ido, someone is closely involved in games, my specialization is nodes / testnets.

We participated in the first stage of AIT1, now we plan to take part in the second stage. We support nodes for projects such as Starknet, Subspace, Masa, Massa, Quicksilver, Sei, Archway etc.

I have medium blog Nikita Shvetsov – Medium
I have an active twitter https://twitter.com/shvetsman

I use VPS Hetzner and Contabo for my node, for Aptos i use Hetzner

We will be glad if you vote for us and give us the opportunity to become validators in this project.


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