[AIT2] shlee8459

Hi I’m Lee from South Korea. I’ve experienced on some testnet on pontem network and participated in AIT1. Though I’m new on MOVE lang, but enthusiastically learning it these days. Also, I am full time crypto researcher in my country, so I will be able to contribute to Aptos ecosystem for my research and writing in English and Korean. Thus, I work with amazing team, DeSpread, blockchain accelerator in Korea, so I have good environment for concentrating on validating nodes or other activities for Aptos.

General Info:
- Organization: DeSpread (supporting various global projects such as Solana, Stacks, The Sandbox, dYdX, and SushiSwap to enter the Korean Market)
- Org. Website: https://despread.io/
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/Crypnovice88
- Medium: Do Dive – Medium
- Location: Seoul, South Korea
- Language: Korean, English
- Ability: Creating contents about blockchain ecosystem, DeFi and Trending issues in both languages
- Disocrd ID: SH_LEE#8459