[AIT2] ShchegolevYA

Hi everyone!

My name is Yuri. I am a design engineer from Russia. Participated in large engineering international projects making people’s lives better. Worked as a 5G engineer at Huawei. Lately I’ve been doing building information modeling. I became interested in blockchain technologies in 2020. Since then, I have been immersing myself more and more in the world of blockchain technology. Currently, I have experience running a node with Devnet (Aptos (completed), Celestia, Gear, Sui, StarkNet, etc.), Incentive (Massa, Masa, Minima, Lukso, IronFish, etc.) and Mainnet (IDEP). I participate in ambassador programs (Aleo, Bepro, etc.).
Having learned about the Aptos project, I immediately plunged into the study of articles and materials. And I realized that Aptos is not just another blockchain, but it is the L1 blockchain that will dictate its own rules and bring a lot of useful things to the world of blockchain technologies. And every day I am more and more convinced of the coolness of the project. I am very close to the philosophy of the project and the team. Glad to be part of the Aptos community.

I have been following the Aptos project for a very long time, since the first days of Devnet. I applied for participation in AIT1, but I was not selected. I really want to get into AIT2.

Technical details: I am using 2 types of servers as Dedicate (8/128/2000, 4/64/2000, etc) & VPS (4/8/160, 8/16/240, etc) depends on a project requirements. Locations mostly USA, Singapore, Finland. OS: Linux (Ubuntu 20.04).

Telegram: @yashchegolev
Discord: Iurii Shchegolev#1206
Twitter: @yashchegolev
Linkdin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/iurii-shchegolev-a88b0bb8/
GitHub: @ShchegolevYA

What can I suggest (besides running node and validator)?

  1. Based on my engineering skills, I can develop a project for the Aptos headquarters building (BIM model) in which new ideas of the team and ambassadors would be born and developed.
    It would be a place of attraction for the entire community. And who knows, perhaps somewhere in the metaverse, in this very building, we will all gather and work.
    I am fascinated by just one thought. It’s legendary) and incredibly cool!
  2. Also this year, in August, I will race 220km with a time limit of 35 hours and in a temperature of +40°C. I would like to participate in this race as Aptos Ambassador! Let the whole world know about Aptos. Will be cool!

My YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHJ7CHzWSxiN43U371hUpzQ

Examples of my work:

Nice graphics :ok_hand: U’r crazy to run 220km!!! OMG)