[AIT2] Serhii Prots

Hello team,

My name is Serhii i’m from Ukraine. Crypto enthusiast since 2017 and node operator since 2020. Running everything individually and in process of building team with like-minded people. Can speak English on advanced level. Also know Ukrainian, Russia, Polish and beginner in Spanish.
In future would like to be a part of APTOS family =)

Have experience in testnets and devnets:
Graph,HOPR,IronFish, Stratos, KYVE, Meson,Minima, StarkNet, Sui and others.

Renting dedicated servers on: VULTR, DigitalOcean, Hetzner, Google Cloud.

Twitter - https://twitter.com/serhiyprots
Telegram - Telegram: Contact @protsserhiy
Discord - SerhiyP#1412

Big thanks to Let’s Node, DropsEarn, ICODROPS, Nodes Guru and of course NARNIA (wink2)

With Love and Peace from Ukraine!

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