[AIT2] SecorD >> 1package

⠀Good day, everyone!

⠀I’m SecorD, founder of 1package.

⠀I have participated and am participating in testnets of such projects as: Solana, Massa, Minima, Nym, Umee, Evmos, KiChain, OmnIFlix, Swarm, Iron Fish, Aleo, Clover and many others.

⠀I’m also involved in the validation of many mainnets, such as: Solana, Evmos and several others.

⠀I’ll be useful to the AIT2 community because I can write step-by-step guides and create Bash scripts and provide technical support!

Contact information
Discord: $ SecorD >> 1package#1010


A very smart guy who knows a lot about snake, a lot of tips, great writing guides and understands the technical documentation!

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Соглашусь. Ни раз помогал дельными советами. Лайк

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