[AIT2] se7 Validator

Hello Aptos community.

I am individual validator from Estonia. I got pretty good validation experience. I am doing node running stuff around 2 years. I have been participated basically in all mid/top project’s testnets during this time. I always guarantee reliability of all my nodes.

Management and Monitoring tools: Mobaxterm, Grafana, Telegram bots.

Processor - 6 vCPU Cores, 16 GB RAM
Memory - 400 GB SSD
Location - Germany
Bandwidth - 400 Mbit/s

My Mainnet Validators:

NYM - [NG] Explorer | Nym | Mixnode | n1cdaxp4m7884gzk67sx594j703md375agznu7g6

Cere - Cere Explorer

GitHub - Smack0FF · GitHub
Telegram - Telegram: Contact @foxvikk
Discord - Smack0FF#1818