[AIT2] SchoolDirector

Hello. I’m Olga from Ukraine. I have more than 2 years experience in crypto area. I have run many nodes and validator such projects like Archway, Mina Protocol, Graph protocol, Keep Network, Aptos, Agoric, Celestia, Prnumbra, Aleo, Spacemesh, Quai, StarkNet, OmniFlix, BitCountry, AssetMantle, HydraDX, KYVE, Subsocial and etc. I did many tasks for different Ambassador Programs (Moonbeam, Goldfinch, Graph, Keep). I did graphic design, arts, and translations of articles.


School Director in crypto? nice :slight_smile:


During the day she teaches children, and at night she mines bitcoin :laughing:

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Make way for the girls! Yeah!

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Thank you, every one! I’m very pleased.

go go go, director! :rofl:

Lets make SchoolDirector - AptosDirector? :laughing:

It’s not a joke? Are you really a school principal?

LOL, it,s very fun) Good luck!