[AIT2] Samudra23

Hello good people ! , I wish you all had a good day.

My name is Samudra , Im a Web Developer From Indonesia & also A node runner.
I’ve been running node for many project such as Peaq Network, Sei Network,Massa Labs, Forta, Subquery, KYVE Protocol, Masa Finance, Paloma Chain, Tidefi, And Quicksilver.

Beside of that im Doing a job as a Discord Moderator on Crypto & Nft Projects
My First & Second Language Are Indonesia & English
I’m currently active on Aptos #Indonesian Server , I love helping those who are in need.

Now im running Aptos Full Node & Validator, My Validator : Samudra23
It’s a honour to take part on Aptos Testnet Which is have a huge community On Discord.

Discord : samudraronaldo#7197
Github : samudra23 (Samudra Bamboo) · GitHub
Telegram : Telegram: Contact @samudrabamboo

Thank You !