[AIT2] sakapetboxing

Good time dear community!
Aptos is a new level of layer 1 blockchains with big idea to help people communicate with crypto more easy and safe. I respect project like that and proud to be a part of you community.
I was in AIT2 and Devnet of Aptos. I enjoy to follow all of new crypto projects that have a mission for real world to help and growing new technology in real life. Aptos is one of the best project.
Also i already long time work with testnets and participated in a huge number of projects : Aleo, Nym, Ironfish, Anoma, Onomy, Humannode, Massa etc…

  • General information:
    discord: sakapetboxing185#9836
    twitter: @sakapetboxing
    my location: Thailand
    lang: English
  • Communication Channels: Telegram: Contact @nodesguru
  • Technical Details: server of my node Aptos located in Germany, provider is contabo, tech spec; 6/16/500