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  • Hello everyone!
    I have been working with Ubuntu for a long time. Over the years, I have repeatedly participated in other testnets and mainnet projects. I communicate with a large number of people from the crypto community and be the first to know about all the news updates and other releases.
    Aptos is becoming a very popular project and probably claims to be the unicorn of the crypto world. I am happy to be part of the testnet in this project. I was also a member of the first testnet and devnet
    Decentralized huge community, future technologies in web3b scalability, large investors, high-level developers, blockchain connection with famous companies. All this and much more simply does not leave a chance, you must participate!
  • Discord: sabailife183#4463
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/sabailife183
    Location: Thailand
    Lang: English
  • My node located in Germany (only one node per server, provider -Contabo)
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You have nice description, I voted you :cowboy_hat_face: Get some luck from luckypool!

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