[AIT2] Rysiman validator

Ok. Jokes aside.

You are on the page of a real Aptos-validator.
I’ve been doing the technical part of blockchain for 2 years.

I have been friends with UNIX systems since 2005. I have a Master’s Degree in IT and don’t use any one-liners scripts when installing nodes. Only original guides and github :space_invader:

I advise the same to all of you, my friends.
It helps you develop and understand the essence of what you are doing.
If you’re going to do something, do it professionally :muscle:
If you agree with this give me a “Like” (your vote is also good :wink:).

:desktop_computer: As for my node, for AIT2 I decided to use my own server in Moscow. It is AMD Ryzen 9 with 12 cores/24 threads, 128 Gb RAM DDR4 ECC and 12 Tb NVMe.
Additionally, I use a full node on the second server.

I may not have the advantage in terms of decentralization, but it is my server and I can control it 24/7. This will allow me to provide high uptime.

My discord Rysiman#4938
Github rysiman (Rysiman) · GitHub


ha-ha, you did it right :laughing:


Yeah man, that’s the truth.
I’m glad you understand that. :muscle:

I totally agree with you, man.
In the last testnet almost 30% of the participants failed to keep their nodes in ok.
They don’t even know what they’re doing sometimes.
So only a professional approach can help.
And no one line scripts. It’s a real evil!

Yeah, man. I didn’t get into AIT1 either, but I saw some guys get places they didn’t deserve. I hope things change for the better this time.

If that’s really the case, I think people like you deserve a place on AIT, although I don’t know how the voting team will be judged, and I can see that you don’t have many of them. But dude, you really deserve it.

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Thank you Sergio, I appreciate this :handshake: