[AIT2] Ruyisu Validator

Hey Aptos Community! My name is Ruyisu and I worked as a senior engineer in a tech company. I am very excited to be part of this exciting project and hopefully we can support each other in the community to build the web3 future.

As for experience, I have around 8 years of software developments and distributed systems and 1 year experience of running as node validator. In the recent years, I have also worked closely with security space on identity access management, system authorizations and service scaling technologies. I learned with Bitcoin and Ethereum from 2017 and have mining experience from 2018 to now.


AWS EC2, Lambda, ECS, EKS and multiple AWS services. Also familiar with GCP technologies. Elasticsearch and kubernetes.

Infra and Security:

Secrets management, VPC, Load throttling and Load shedding, DDOS Protection.


English, Mandarin, Japanese.

Feel free to vote for me! Thanks!

My discord: ruyisu#5492