[ait2] ruslan spb

Greetings to the community!
Ruslan, Petersburg, Russia. The “Home”:slight_smile: validator.
For the test network, APTOS has assembled its own dedicated server: CPU i 9-11900 DDR4 64 GB SSD 1 TB bandwidth 1 G/s. Everything is connected via UPS.
I have experience of participating in test networks. Currently, the nodes have been raised and are working stably: Celestia, Massa, IronFish, SUI.
Systemically administer UNIX /Linux, Windows.
APTOS attracts with its concept, plus the node itself is interesting from the point of view of installation and maintenance.
If I pass AIT2, I believe that I will be online more than 95-97%.
If possible, I will answer questions on the topic.
Telegram: @vsvs2009
Discord: Rulla#8619


I know, you are the best!

Привет! желаю успехов, надеюсь тебя выберут


Did you manage to pass?

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Btw the badge option is not working why

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