[AIT2] romanv1812

I am an individual validator from Ukraine. I have extensive experience as a Linux administrator and over 2 years of working with nodes on Cosmos and Polkadot networks.
Secure and reliable individual PoS/PoW validator, crypto enthusiast. 24hr management & monitoring! (Grafana + Prometeus + Telegram alerts)

:small_orange_diamond: Hardware:

Location - Hetzner DS, Equinix, Ovhcloud, Digitalocean
Processor - AMD Ryzen 5950X (32 CPU, 128 RAM)
Memory - 6.8 TB NVMe
Bandwidth - 1 Gbit/s-Port

:small_orange_diamond: Mainnets:

Umee - https://umee.explorers.guru/validator/umeevaloper1wj6p0rgdpy8kkj3xa7e8t0g9tn9nyw4hltw2z2

Nym - https://mixnet.explorers.guru/mixnode/8fVEYyzsr6xWbgWv19CqiiAWr3ocskn3DU65MNSbQH2q

Mises - https://portal.mises.site/validator/misesvaloper1js09j57nge6yqphe9wvr8kp70le3wqg28qu0ga

:small_orange_diamond: Active Testnets:
Stride - https://poolparty.stride.zone/STRIDE/staking/stridevaloper1drnsf7zuqy4vxghwf5pcv48ch89zpcf0jg09ej

Sei -

Paloma -

Quicksilver -

Kyve -

StaFi -

StarkNet -

IronFish -

:small_orange_diamond: Completed or pending update projects:

Humanode, Kujira, Masa, Massa, Minima, Oasys, SubSpace, Kira, Celestia, Defund, Gnoland, Idep, Pylons, Quai, Aleo, BitCountry, Chainflip, Evmos, Pontem, Porta, Rizon, Umee, Zeitgeist.

:small_orange_diamond: Socials:

GitHub - https://github.com/romanv1812
Twitter - https://twitter.com/romanv1812
Telegram - https://t.me/romanv1812
Discord - romanv1812#6131


Worked with this man, he always ready to help, and he also has cool stationary servers (not vds/vps)

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You are a worthy candidate, I hope you get elected!!

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:partying_face: great experience man

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you have vast experience in this field, I hope you will be chosen by Aptos team

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