[AIT2] rkhivrych

I am an individual validator. I have a lot of experience with node supporting
vCPU/s: 4 vCPUs
RAM: 8192 MB
Storage:160 GB SSD

I have been involved in cryptocurrency for about two years, I participate in Ambassador programs, run nodes, test applications, translate articles, create videos and infographics, create arts and memes.
Projects in which I participated: Aleo, Bit.Country, Kyve, Minima, Massa, Evmos, Ironfish, Zeitgeist, Masa.finance, Humanode, SubQuery, SSV, Celestia, Golden, Penumbra, Subspace, Starknet, Gear, Umee.

Twitter - https://twitter.com/RuslanKhivrych
Telegram - rkhivrych
Discord - rkhivrych#3414


Good luck for the AIT2