[AIT2] rightaptos Validator

Hello, my name is Dima.
I live in Moscow.

I graduated from the institute as a lawyer, but I decided to connect my life with online, at first I spent a long time in games, achieved considerable success in hearthstone, Warcraft, after which I switched to the crypto industry, at first I didn’t succeed much, but later I decided to study projects more closely, programming. Now, having a huge experience in crypto, I try to become a network validator. Now I am the main validator in Solana, which was not easy for me. I want to become an Aptos validator, it may be difficult, but I hope that I can qualify and get votes.
I use Contabo servers, but Aptos is ready to provide a dedicated server so that my node works stably and without failures.
I hope for your support.
I don’t run blogs and YouTube channels, but I’m working in this direction, now I’m working on creating a website.