[AIT2] REER Validator

Why pick my validator?

  • Brief description, background, experience, and key achievements (~500 characters)
    We’re a team running more than 2000 storage and GPU servers in IDC all over the world. Rich experiences about how to set up a new node, manage node updates, track node status and automatically recover the node upon failure. So far, we are the biggest DBC network node contributor, in total 500 GPUs are running in DBC network; we are the top 5 CCN network node, almost a 10% share of the total computing power; we are the top 5 CHIA storage node, manage more than 520PB storage machines. We’ve registered into AIT1 & AIT2, and looking forward to more engagement in APTOS community.

  • General information: Organization Name, Website, Location, Languages
    Organization: REER GLOBAL
    Website: https://reerglobal.com, https://reer.vip(under construction)
    Languages: English, Chinese.

  • Communication Channels, Aptos Articles + Tools
    Mainly discord and twitter.
    Twitter: @miscab
    Discord: miscab#1467
    Telegram: @joy2050
    Please feel free to reach us, thank you.

  • Technical Details (maybe just a paragraph about infrastructure)
    Frontend/Management Console: Vue + NuxtJS + Antd
    Backend/Micro service framework: Java (Spring) + Python
    Other: Rust/C++/NodeJS…
    Automation Scripts: Shell/Python

Please vote for us. we’re capable of maintaining as more validator nodes or full nodes as possible in APTOS network and hope to play some role in the community, thank you for offering us an opportunity to introduce ourselves.