[AIT2] Rayuba Nodes

Hello Aptos Community!

My name is Jake, and a big fan of Aptos. As the founder of Rayuba Nodes, I run multiple validator nodes for multiple networks, including Konstellation, Blurt, DIG, and Another-1. In the past, I’ve participated in AIT1 and also previously participated in Pontem, Another-1, and multiple other testnets.

My previous experience includes implementation of Enterprise Blockchain solutions at Samsung. I’m the Head of Research at Xangle, a blockchain research and data analytics firm in South Korea.

Organization(Position): Xangle (Head of Research), Rayuba Nodes (Founder)
Website1: https://rayuba.com/
Website2: https://xangle.io
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Language: English, Korean

Twitter: @Jakeminlim
Discord: LJ#2250

Notes on infra:
I usually run my nodes via AWS, Vultr, and Contabo. I also run Grafana/Prometheus for monitoring.