[AIT2] ravennevar

Greetings. My node will have the characteristics of 6 processors, 10 RAM, 200 GB of memory.
Linux is my passion. I have already deployed the Aptos node since March and am ready to do it further.
I also have experience installing Massa, Minima, Starknet and Subspace nodes. He was awarded and got into the Tier-4 Goldfinch finance program.
I like this business, I do it with pleasure. The habitat of the node is Amsterdam. After studying the project, I realized the following about it: Aptos is a first—level blockchain focused on scalability and security. In this project, it is planned to develop various areas, such as DeFi, payment systems, and so on. The Move language was created for the Aptos blockchain. Large (for the world of cryptocurrencies) organizations believed in this project. Based on the above, I could not deny myself the pleasure of taking part in the development of the project.