[AIT2] RamaNode Validator

Hi, everyone!
I am Rama from Indonesia, usually called as Ram. I speak in Bahasa Indonesia, and English
I have 10+ years of IT experience, since Vocational High School till now.
Also, I’ve been in crypto since 2021 which means that is more than 1 year.

Try testnet and find bugs is my hobby. I have try many testnet such like AssetMantle, Sui, Seid, Paloma, SubQuery, CryptoBots, NodeDAO, Meson Network, SyncSwap, TideChain, Sukhavati, Diva, Cables, Subspace, Juno, Kava, Sifchain and many more!

Now, I have more than 10+ servers to run every nodes that I participate on it, wether its local-based or cloud version.

Why pick my validator? To support my effort and show some love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My Aptos server details :
RAM : 32 GB
ROM : 512 GB
OS : Ubuntu v.20
Server : New York [US]

My contacts :
Email : ramadhani@myself.com
Twitter : https://twitter.com/dntyk (8,000+ Followers)
Telegram : Telegram: Contact @HappyCuanAirdrop (2,000+ Followers)
Github : dante4rt (Muhammad Ramadhani) · GitHub
Discord : Ram#5648

Thanks and good luck for us!


Yosh to the moon :heart_eyes:


hope you got it sir you had impresive portofolio there

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Good luck brother :smiley: