[AIT2] radionuklid911 validator

Hey Aptos community!
My name is Oleg and I’m from Russia! I am a space engineer and cryptocurrency enthusiast. I am passionate about new technologies and love trying new things. I want to help the project build a strong network infrastructure and accelerate its growth. I have been working with nodes for over 3 years and have extensive experience with nodes in Cosmos and Polkadot networks. I have many nodes: mass, celestia, minima, iron fish, quay, masa, aptos, subspace, arch, forta, stratos, humanode, anoma, gear, starknet, sui, this, oasis, gnoland. I mainly rent Hetzner or DigitalOcean VDS, I also use Contabo or firstVDS. I hope to get another achievement as a node operator and become an Aptos node validator).

Twitter - https://twitter.com/NWcntry
Telegram - Telegram: Contact @faciamviam
Discord - radionuklid911#6920