[AIT2] QuantNode



Quantnode is a young independent validation company supporting the most promising decentralized networks

Now we validate a few projects in mainnet at Cosmos Ecosystem (Agoric & Axelar), Polkadot Ecosystem (SubQuery & HydraDX), Waves, and Graph Network and actively participate in testnets across different ecosystems. Therefore, we have rich experience in integrating various technologies. We are always looking for the best practices in key management, double-signing protection, vulnerability management & infrastructure security.

Besides validation, we provide public goods, such as open RPC endpoints, snapshots, etc., and try to develop community-driven apps and dashboards (https://thegraphadvisor.com). Because we believe that a professional validator not only responds to the technical network side but also for the community engagement & education

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Short update

We have been selected as a participant in AIT2 and ranked 9th on the leaderboard :sunglasses:

We hope that we have proven ourselves to be a reliable partner, as evidenced by the AIT2 results. We believe the upcoming AIT3 will help us further hone our skills and prepare for Aptos mainnet as a potential validator.

We would appreciate any support from the Aptos community and try to meet your expectations :pray:

now that is solid!