[AIT2] PPNV Validator

Hello all!) My name Sergio, I’m from Belarus.

I am professional proof of stake network validator. I actively participate in dozens of testnets, helping to keep them running and debugging, participating in development and support for an early start. Also already support several projects as mainnet va​​lidators.

My validator and collator nodes run on dozens of blockchain networks with no downtime. A fault-tolerant infrastructure is in place, with data replicated to multiple servers in different DCs around the world, so i can ensure high node availability.

My testnets and mainnets: Penumbra, Realis, Pylons, Starknet, Masa, Oasys, Another, Sei, Peaq, Stafi, Nym, Gear, Stride, Dws, Defund, Clan network, BloсkPi, Idep, Quai, Kira, Espresso, Massa, Omniflix, Evmos, Subspace and more other.

​I do not use cheap servers, only powerful and reliable servers. This allows my to uncompromisingly ensure reliability and availability of data, as well as high uptime of my nodes.

Site: https://www.ppnv.space
Telegram: @styd_tr
Discord: Sergio | PPNV#0083

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