[AIT2] Polleoalex ( Validator )

I’m operating highly secure, fast and stable validator nodes for many mainnet and testnet blockchains, which are managed by experienced professional.
I’ve been operating validator nodes since May 2019, and I’ve acquired valuable experience in these 3 years.

My technical experience includes an educational background in Cyber Security & System Administration as well as professional experience as a Security Engineer
for a large global SaaS company where I have heavy focus on security & development of Linux based systems.
I can provide reliable, high uptime service and actively participate in governance and related proposal discussions.

I have setup the following security measures for all my Validator Nodes.

• Firewall - deny all incoming traffic except for few important ports, such as 80, 6180, 6181, 6182, 9101.
• Hardware tied SSH Key Authentication to login to server. Without these keys, no one can login.
• Remove default SSH port 22 and I am using an other port for SSH.
• Removed SSH login using root password.
• IP Lock - SSH login only allowed from 1 main IP, and allow temporary access to an other IP during travel.
• Powerful servers for all my nodes with NVMe SSD. Updated a few settings for best performance to the server. Regularly check for new updates for the OS and update them.
• Fully synced Backup server and I can switch to backup server within 5 mins if main sever is down.
• PagerDuty alerts using Tenderduy with phone calls and email alerts which I have setup in an other independent server. This will notify me through phone call and email anytime if I miss 3 pre-commits.

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