[AIT2] PolaNode

Since i know about this opportunity, i know that i’m capable of doing this work. There are so many reasons why i said so.

First of all, there are some reasons why i consider myself as an awesome and a competent worker. I’m able to learn some new thing and to adjust in the new environment well such as assisting other users that are confuse of the works of the project. I can talk in English and Bahasa fluently so it’s gonna be easy for me to adapt in the new international community.

Then, I know how the blockchain works. I’ve been doing this field for 2 years. From that, I’ve got many knowledges and experiences of blockchain. I’ve been participating in many projects by contributing testing the website, finding the bugs, giving feedbacks, promoting and marketing. Many results of these works are fabulous in which many projects that i’ve been participating in have been succesfully launched in a good way

Finally, I’ve been running the nodes in many projects such as Quicksilver, Sei Network, Meson Network, Peaq Network, Masa Finance, Massa Labs, Subquery, Uptick Network, KYVE Protocol, Paloma Chain, and Another-1. Of all the projects that i’ve been running to, I’m able to be qualified as a good and an experienced node operator.

I’m sure that i’m fit in this opportunity and to be chosen as an AIT-2 node operator due to my qualifications above. I’m able to contribute very well in this position once i got accepted by building the project very well. Furthermore, i believe that this project will be succesfully launched done by my efforts.

I’m looking forward to hearing any responses from you. Should you have any other recommendations, please don’t hesitate to tell me. Cheers!

Best regards,
pola pp

Validator : PolaNode
Discord : pola90#7470
Twitter : @cbpola90
Telegram : @emenes90

Originally done by me. If any works that contain similarity in format and words, it's a duplicate of mine


thanks for providing your background, it turned out to be really awesome