[AIT2] playforfun1

Hello! My name is Ivan, i am from Russia. I am a associate Director of web-studio “Creators Group” https://creators-group.ru/, we are engaged in the creation of websites and advertising on the Internet.

About education - higher education in marketing, postgraduate study in the field of analytics in economics. Languages: russian, english.

In blockchain sphere - Zeitgeist Head Ambassador (EU & RU), Moonbeam, FireFly, SupraOracles ambassador, node operator + validator in many projects (Aptos :pray: from AIT-1, but didn’t make it into the lucky 100, Massa, Minima, BitCountry, Forta, Evmos, Zeitgeist, Masa finance, Humanode, Aleo, KYVE, IronFish, Moonbeam​, FireFly, SupraOracles, Celestia, Penumbra and etc.). I use docker, docker-compose, binary files to install nodes. I am an experienced operator and an ambassador in a number of projects, I regularly carry out all updates and carefully monitor uptime.


Discord: playforfun9#1637

Technical details of VPS for Aptos:

  1. CPU Model: AMD EPYC 7282 16-Core Processor
  2. CPU Cores: 4 @ 2794.748 MHz
  3. Total Disk: 392.7 GB (62.1 GB Used)
  4. OS: Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS
    I can easily improve the tech perks many times over without loss of uptime!

Articles (about diffrent projects):

And some proofs for tasks in ambassador programs:

  1. Moonbeam Ambassador Program - i am ambassador, from October 2021.
    Proof: Joxi (375 kb) закачан 15 января 2022 г. Joxi
    My posts and tasks here: https://www.reddit.com/user/playforfun9
    My video: Moonbeam Ambassador Programm - Ivan Voinov - YouTube

  2. FireFly Ambassador Program - i am ambassador for now.
    Proof: Joxi (357 kb) закачан 15 января 2022 г. Joxi
    My posts and tasks here:
    My video: Firefly Ambassador program - Ivan Voinov - YouTube

  3. SupraOracles - i am ambassador.
    My posts and tasks here:

  4. Axelar:
    My posts and tasks here:

  5. SubQuery:
    My posts and tasks here:


Nice, mate! Top candidate from Zeitgeist community

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You’re good, dude! :muscle:

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Thanks! I appreciate it very much.

Thanks, bro ! Appreciate it very much.

Worthy to be in the Aptos ecosystem💪🏼

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cool guides, I watch them and use them for myself!

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Wish you good luck bro :slight_smile:

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My vote for you, bro!


I believe that everything will work out for you and you will be an active participant in the ecosystem Aptos :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

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good luck, man!!!

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Voted for you, buddy. Thanks for all you do for community

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Nice, mate! Go go go playforfun

thx bro, uptime will be 101% :sunglasses:

Wish you a good luck!

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voted, good luck :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

thx, appreciate it very much, go go go!