[AIT2] Platan validator

Hey there, my name is Issa, I am member of the team at DBS DAO. We help projects develop in the CIS segment.

I am a programmer on C# (.Net), JS (front-end - React, Angular, Vue), Rust and Solidity, participated in different projects as front-end and back-end developer and have some experience in writing smart contracts based on EVM

I think the main problem of blockchains now is scalability while ensuring privacy, and for now that most topical problem has not yet been solved (the latest incidents with the Solana blockchain are a obvious confirmation). Without providing good scalability, there will never be mass adoption of web3.0. Therefore, I hope Aptos blockchain will be able to solve one of the main problems in the crypto. As soon as Aptos Labs afford the opportunity to develop dApps I am going to involve in DeFi development on Aptos blockchain.

I speak English, Ukrainian and Russian.
My server is located in Finland and meets the minimum technical node operating requirements: 4 core, 8 RAM, ~350 GB free disk space. As the server load increases, I will add resources.

I will be happy if you vote for me, thank you!

Telegram - Telegram: Contact @northern_platanus
Discord - Platan#1097
DBS DAO website - DBS DAO


Every blockchain needs good developers. I wish you good luck in validator selection process :crossed_fingers:


thank you, hope you too!

I know you as a good programmer since 2020. Good luck bro!

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Its very cool to see such an advanced people in Aptos community)


Thanks to your awesome work. Sup from DBS DAO)) Hope our community will get one more validator!

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Thank you, comrade :relieved:

Sounds impressive. Good luck to DBS DAO :heart:


Thank you)
Honestly, it’s really nice to hear that :relieved:

It seems very good, i hope u will be one of the few who will be selected for the validators :wink:

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Yes sir, thank you for good wishes :relieved:

A sober look at the blockchain trillemma. The current stage shows that the crypto is still in early development.
Good luck with your projects development!

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You are looking into the root of a problem in existing blockchains. Hope we can collaborate and do some work together!

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True, thank you for feedback.
About cooperation - please check DM.