[ait2] phoenix validator

Hi everybody!

APTOS is a wonderful project with a great team.
I have been following the project for a long time.
Unfortunately, it was not possible to get into the previous phase of the AIT1 project.
But I really want to get into AIT2!
All validations and verifications have already passed.
The point is small - to be chosen.
I really hope for your support.

I am relatively new to the crypto market, but I already participate in many projects - Minima, Paloma IronFish, Starknet, Subspace, Massa, Subquery, Siu.
There is a huge field for the realization of oneself and one’s knowledge.

Thank you very much if you cast your vote for me!

My Discord: phoenix#4785


Приятное описание, видно, что постарался!

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