[AIT2] Petr Validator

Hello, guys! My name is Petr, I am 21 years old. I work with nodes in about a year.
I am/was a part of testnets: Aleo, Masa, Massa, Ironfish, Subspace, Sei, Quicksilver, Clan network, Paloma, Starknet, Sui.

I know 3 languages: English, Italian, Russian. I am a part of a little enthuastic community located in Russia. We are interested in serious work with projects to help them in any cases: write posts, guides; search problems and bugs and etc.

Telegram: @petrovasilyev
Discord: Petr#5303

My aptos node is on the server located in Warsaw with requirements: Ryzen 3600 (6/12), 128 gb gpu, 2Tb ssd. It works more than excellent. So there will be no problems with the server

Hope I can be good node operator in AIT2!

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