[AIT2] pedrosoft

We are a team of inspired and motivated people with over 4 years of experience in IT and cryptography.
⠀We work in the field of testnets, nodes and validation. We are successful validators and no-runners of many projects, such as: Moonbeam, Solana, KYVE, Evmos, Umee, Nym, Iron Fish and others;
⠀Not only do we maintain high uptime, but we also contribute to our sustained networks with content.
Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian
Website: https://digitalsochi.net/
We use VPSs and bare metals, using Grafana as monitoring tool as well as bots for notifications. For each network we have backup servers.

We would be happy to participate in the testnet and further in mainnet.
Freez_art - art of being sustainable.