[AIT2] pathrocknetwork

Hey there Aptos community,

pathrocknetwork is a professional validator, collator, node runner and community builder - providing secure non-custodial staking as a service solutions.

Our team has years of experience successfully running nodes of various different protocols. We currently support projects such as Nearprotocol, Minaprotocol, Moonbeam, Astar, Nymtech, Agoric on mainnet. You can view our full list of supported mainnet validators on our website https://pathrocknetwork.org/

pathrocknetwork is also one of the founding members of the dotvalidators a group of individual validators helping and supporting each other with the aim of helping projects to decentralize their chains.

When we get involved in a project we also provide additional value apart from running nodes, we create staking guides, dashboards, run rpc nodes and help and support within the community.


Security is a paradigm not just in blockchain technology, but as well in systems administration. We have more than 15 years of experience doing sysop in highly critical industries. In some cases hotkeys are needed on the server, so general sw and hw (when possible) firewalling, securing and regular auditing are in place. Possible security breaches are monitored, and communicated to the team for their inspection. When hotkeys are not needed, physical key storage devices are used and data is encrypted as well.


24/7 monitoring based on grafana, custom-made scripts and mobile phone pushed alarms are in place for our mainnet nodes. For us, as a small team, not failing at any point is key. Not only alarms are in place, but other KPI like i/o performance of NVME drives, RAM use, CPU, Temp and NVME wear are monitored as well.


pathrocknetwork and it’s members actively participate in all governance activities that take place on the protocols we validate, either as individuals or as a team.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions


There are different ways to get in touch with us.

Email: pathrock@protonmail.com
Telegram: @pathrock
Discord: paddyson#5479

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Realiable and trustful validators. Pathrock is a sure bet.