[AIT2] patamawadee

Good time dear Aptos community!

  • I am a professional node runner: About a year of experience with blockchain testnets. A large number of completed projects and the desire to constantly develop in a new direction of technology.
    I love testnets. I was a participant in the first phase in the Aptos testnet, and I also repeatedly participated in other projects on the blockchain. Aptos is one of the best projects with great opportunities.
    I am inspired by the mission of Aptos is to create universal and fair access to decentralized assets for billions of people.
  • Discord: patamawadee184#6022
    twitter: @patamawadee184
  • My location: Thailand
  • Language: English is good =D
  • Technical Details: My nodes located in Germany. i use some tools for monitoring my node by nodesguru like: Aptos monitoring system : Telegram: Contact @NodesGuru_bot
    I sure i can run my node good and help for testnet as much as i can!