[AIT2] P2P Staking eco-responsible validator engaged in decentralization

P2P Staking is French company providing validator-as-a-service to the crypto community.
As humain sized company we are proude to help in decentralization.

Our core engagements are:

SECURITY : we apply the highest security standard to secure our servers and wallets. Also, we think than non-custodian staking is the way to go in order to educate and let people hold their assets.

CARBON NEUTRALITY : we limit, measure, and compensate our CO2 footprint

  • General information:
    P2P STAKING - https://p2pstaking.org/
    Located in France with dedicated servers in Canada / France / Finland
    Languages: English and French

  • Technical Details: We have dedicated servers hosted by the best datacenters (including Ovh and Hetzner). Then, we can provide redundancy accros providers and locations combined with low carbon intensity electricity sources.