[AIT2] P-OPS Team Validator

We are P-OPS Team ~ Pangaea Operations. A group of 8 highly qualified technology enthusiasts, located across the globe. We are a decentralized organization, passionate about Web 3.0, distributed ledger technology (DLT) and decentralization.

We’ve run multiple chains so far and participated in multiple testnets(including moderating some)
Currently known networks we run are The graph, Umee, Axelar, Solana, Avalanche, Forta and many others.

Upvote our this thread for us and we will run a stable node for the Aptos network.

Please visit our website for more information https://pops.one


hello! Just want to confirm that this is our team member, so this post is legit, in case some think it isnt.

Note that we only run dedicated servers for our nodes and validators to make sure we offer the best stability and uptime to the networks we support. You can read all about us and the networks we support, plus partnerships we have, on our website as Aawessels already mentioned.


This is strong team and supporting many projects. Respect !


Wow, I have met them on many projects. They are really professional validator operators.