[AIT2] Oveerseec Validator

Hi, I’m Overseec, a crypto maniac.

I am based in Indonesia, have been following the crypto world since 2019 and started from airdrops, shitcoin projects, arbitradges, and project investments. but now i have learned about running node in some projects like sei network, sui network, paloma network, massa-lab network, massbit network. and i can be qualified as best as possible like node operator.

and I hope the aptos community to follow this testnet, because with that we support aptos to run on the mainnet. for developers, I hope everyone who joins this testnet to be rewarded, because they have spent their time, thought and money to support this aptos project. and we have done kyc to run this aptos.

Vote = Agree.
My Node Validator : Overseec
Discord : Limboo Neverdie#1962