[AIT2] Ostrovmariia(Maria Mirabella) Validator

My name is Maria. I’m a professional validator, running testnet services for more than two years, now, after passing the number of testnets I’m running the stable and reliable validator services in the mainnet-production for: the Oasis Network, Solana, The Graph, Mina protocol, and etc.
I’m working on dedicated hosting services like Moscow datacentr, Hetzner, OVH and setting up the monitoring and alerting systems by default (prometheus+grafana is my favorite solution now), also running the back-up full nodes and hot-swap back-up nodes for my mainnet solutions.

List of the blockchains I’m running the Mainnet Validator now:

Oasis Mainnet - completed testnet and received the delegation from Foundation for running the Mainnet Validator
Solana Mainnet - and now I’m mainnet-beta qualified validator, with the stake received from Development team

There are other projects in testnet stage I’m involved in currently.
I want to participate in a new, revolutionary Aptos blockchain that will achieve unprecedented success and true decentralization.
My reference to GitHub is: Ostrovmaria80 (Maria Mirabella) · GitHub . My discord: Maria Mirabella❤ ROSE❤ SOL#9176