[AIT2] oschrabek validator

My name is Vladimir, in crypto since 2017. 17+ yrs in IT, CTO in company engaged in design of optoelectronic devices. My dream is to involve blockchain technology in medicine to build trust among the autonomous robots services.

Be a validator is my hobby. Strong infrastructure in tier-3 Ru data center.

Have participated in 30+ testnets and mainnets such as Evmos, Quai, NYM, Aleph Zero, Celestia, Filecoin, Subspace, StarkNet, Minima, Masa, IronFish, SubQuery, Kyve, etc.

Speak eng, rus, esp, romanian.

VPS I use for Aptos 8 CPU → 16 CPU / 16 RAM - 64 RAM / 500 GB - 1TB NVMe / located in Moscow, RU

discord: oschrabek#6800
tg: @needspicy


Thank you for your support :nerd_face:

my vote for you sir! :slight_smile: