[AIT2] OlgaKuzia Validator

Hello guys!! My name is Olga from Ukraine, hope you have a great day!
I am a co-founder of agricultural business in Ukraine.

About education - I have master degree in economical cybernetic, graduate Kyiv University of trade and economics in 2009. Languages: ukrainian, russian, english.

I have experience more than 1 year as node operator and validator, also as ambassador - Zeitgeist, Moonbeam, FireFly, Aptos, Massa, Minima, BitCountry, Forta, Evmos, Masa finance, Humanode, KYVE, IronFish, Celestia, Penumbra and etc.). I use docker, docker-compose, binary files to install nodes. I am an experienced operator and an ambassador in a number of projects, I regularly carry out all updates and carefully monitor uptime.

Socials: https://twitter.com/OlgaOlg50842859