[AIT2] olewko Validator

Hi there, my name is Oleg, i’m 32 years old, i’m from Ukraine. I cryptoenthusiast since 2018. I love to participate in Testnets and Ambassador programs. I would be very happy to contribute into this project as a Node Operator and Ambassador. Currently i’m node operator several projects, and have 2 years of expirience.

I’m using grafana dashbord to monitor nodes.

Solana: Solana Foundation Validator Program | Solana: Build crypto apps that scale
Forta: https://api.forta.network/stats/sla/scanner/0xA027EC2F740fA8602B0B7E6306daF53eE6df65dE

IronFish: https://testnet.ironfish.network/users/2081
Casper: CSPR Live

As ambassador my contributions base on create a content, writing blogs, transalting into ukranian, video review, tutorials etc.

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English (intermediate)

Telegram: @olehzozuk
Discord: olewko#2706
Twitter https://twitter.com/olewko89
Github: olewko1989 (Oleh) · GitHub