[AIT2] olehionov

Hey everybody! My name is Oleh, and I’m a ukrainian crypto-enthusiast :innocent: I really like the technical aspects of nodes, it’s very important and interesting for me. I have been watching Aptos for a long time and I think that it is an amazing project with a strong community, which is very important for any project in the crypto industry.

At the moment, I have successfully launched several nodes, including the Forta, Sui, Starknet, Minima etc. I was one of the first to receive approval to launch the Forta node, as I have technical skills and experience in running nodes. My uptime is high as I always keep an eye on the state of the running nodes.

I also have a small but developing telegram channel “i°nvest, where I share my vision of the market and young promising projects.

My Node Validator: aptoskraken1
Discord: Ocean#3336

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I know this validator as a responsible person. I recommend

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