[AIT2] oldtora Validator

Running nodes from deeply 2020 (I never saw bearmarket as it should be, so I’m still a virgin lmao)
I loved the cosmos fork but now I’m bored of them, so trying something new.

I’m using the dedicated server (bought on Hetzner AX41). The location is Germany. As I’m working in IT (IT security analytics) I’m almost 24/7 around the PC/laptop so monitoring everything that is happening with my nodes. Using Prometheus + Grafana for monitoring. Have knowledge of cybersecurity so I’m calm that no one will hack me (not 100% information).

If you are interested in my thought or going to ask anything I have my channel + chat Telegram: Contact @howtorekt
Sometimes I’m posting testnets/ambassador programs/activities and etc there where I’m participating (but I’m lazy as hell so now the channel is almost inactive).

That’s all I guess.

P.S. If you vote for me it’s guaranteed will add an extra +5 centimeter.