[AIT2] - novic94

My name is Ihor.
I am from Ukraine. I am speaking Ukrainian, Russian, English and Polish.
I have master’s degrees with distinction in finance, business strategy and marketing in three different countries. In addition I have an experience of working in Citi Bank and running business by myself. But the huge interest in new technologies such as a blockchain and variety of projects that are based on such a great technology made me become a part of a crypto community and develop in this direction.

I have an experience in running blockchain’s nodes such as Aleo, Ironfish, Bit.Country, Zeitgeist, Polkadex, Omniflix, Minima, Streamr, Hopr, Massa, Evmos, StarkNet, SubSpace and other projects on early stage.

Therefore, I hope that my experience, knowledge, and skills could also be useful for the Aptos project in its development, testing and promotion.


Beginners are lucky!) Good luck! :grinning:


Hey novic94! Good luck!

Thanks for the support!)