[AIT2] Notforsale(slavaa129) validator

My name is Slava. My experience: I have more than 2 years of experience in blockchain service. In the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency since 2019. I have participated in more than 10 test networks such as: Solana, Oasis Network, Mina Protocol Keep Network(i am pfk winner ), Nucypher(entered the list of winners), Mina Protocol(became a genesis member),Stafi, Elrond, Harmony, Moonbeam, Hopr , Spacemesh, Agoric, Certik, Umee, Gaminghub … In many test networks, he was the winner or among the winners. I have extensive experience in running nodes and maintaining their performance. I can write technical articles, set up monitoring systems, make telegram bots, …
I am a valtadotor in with mainnet: Solana, Oasis Network, Akash Network, Osmosis.

In projects I use both leased dedicated servers from reliable hosting providers and my own equipment in the Moscow datacenter, Hetzner cloud Resources have no limits. All servers are started in a cluster with redundancy. I use Prometheus and Grafana for monitoring.

I want to bring real decentralization to the modern crypto world with Aptos Network

Language: Russian, English


Discord: NoTFoRSale#4389

Github: slavaAa129 (Archi) · GitHub

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